Garden Paving

Paving is not only a practical solution but is often an integral part of your garden’s textural profile. Coupled with planting, the natural tones found in many paving applications can introduce an element of warmth to your garden and elevate its overall aesthetic.


Choosing the Right Garden Paving

Of course, while you consider the look you hope to achieve with your paving, you must first consider function and environment. The ultimate purpose and placement of the paving will determine your choice of paving stone and decide whether or not you opt for concrete or natural stone pavers.

In most cases, there is a direct correlation between the price of a paver and its quality.  More expensive pavers are generally more durable and more resistant to external factors such as staining and environmental effects. Bear this in mind when making your choice.

Choosing a Garden Paver?

Things you should consider:

  • A pool area will require a non-slip paver that is light in colour, one that does not absorb the heat of the summer sun, making it too hot underfoot. A poolside paver must also be suited to the effects of chlorine and salt exposure.
  • An area dedicated to parking or vehicle access must utilise paving designed to withstand heavy loads.
  • Any trees in the area? You’ll need to consider the impact of a growing root system - movement underground will cause your pavers to lift, or worse, crack!
  • Consider the climate. If you live in a region that experiences regular frosts or freezing temperatures,  your paving will need to cope with the extreme shifts in temperature.
“Like any good construction project, a detailed preparation process is crucial. Paving is no exception.  ”


Preparation and Installation.

Like any good construction project, a detailed preparation process is crucial. Paving is no exception.

A level and well-prepared base layer will ensure that:

  • You achieve your desired aesthetic
  • You support the longevity of the paving stone
  • Your paving is securely anchored and, therefore, safe underfoot or able to weight bear as intended.

Dependent on the current state of the area you intend to pave, you may need to remove layers of soil and consider installing drainage.

DIY Garden Paving

As a rule of thumb, if you’re paving around a house, your level and well-compacted base layer should slope away from the home to encourage the flow of any excess water in the same direction.

If you are confident in your DIY skills, there’s no reason why you should not be able to lay paving successfully.

A paving project requires considerable investment, so if there’s any doubt in your ability, we highly recommend that you use a professional for the job!

When it comes to quality pavers, we always recommend Urban Paving. Their paving is made with the highest quality materials, natural, sustainable products and latest technologies and will stand the test of time.

A Professional Paving Guide

The instructions found in this guide come directly from Urban Paving's well of professional industry knowledge!

Download Now

Caring for Your Concrete Pavers.

  • Regular water blasting is a great way to clean natural residue, dust and grit from your pavers.
  • To remove moss, mildew, and fungal growth, we recommend a cleaning solution like 30 seconds.
  • To remove stains, use hydrochloric acid.

Caring for Your Natural Stone Pavers.

  • Water blasting is the most effective method of care.
  • To remove moss, mildew and fungal growth, we recommend a cleaning solution like 30 seconds.
  • DO NOT use hydrochloric acid for cleaning natural stone!

To remove stains from natural stone pavers, we recommend contacting your paving supplier for the best removal method.

Will the Colour of Your Pavers Fade Over Time?

Your pavers will age and weather naturally over time. You will notice some initial fading; this is part of a normal process that will result in minimal colour change once complete.

As mentioned above,  applying a concrete sealer will support colour retention, especially in darker pavers.

“A concrete sealer can make paving less slip-resistant. You may wish to consider this if you’re paving around a pool area.”


What is Efflorescence?

We asked our friends at Urban Paving to explain -

“Efflorescence refers to the natural salts in the raw materials of the paver migrating to the surface as water moves in and out of the paver; this will occur to some extent on all pavers. Sometimes it won’t be visible, e.g. with lighter-coloured pavers, little water movement and good drainage under the pavers. In other cases, efflorescence will be more pronounced, e.g. with darker-coloured pavers, lots of water movement and inferior drainage.” Urban Paving

Paving Tip:

  • Take extra care when preparing the area you intend to pave. Paving and steppers must be laid on a level surface to ensure a secure setting and safety underfoot
“Your pavers will age and weather naturally over time. You will notice some initial fading; this is part of a normal process that will result in minimal colour change once complete. ”


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