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Outdoor living is an inherent part of life in New Zealand. We love our
outdoor spaces. We cant live without them; our love for them inspires
creative landscaping solutions.


Welcome to Folium

We’re passionate about delivering innovative gardens and working to the highest standards. Friendly and professional, we’ll go the extra mile to get the job done. Our experience has taught us that bouncing ideas around is a great way to get results. We’re an open book and love sharing our knowledge with you. Plant power, construction know-how, soft and hard landscaping, landscape design – we’ve worked hard to develop our skills so that we can deliver fantastic results.

We’ve worked across
the globe

Perth, London, Melbourne, and California. Large-scale commercial projects, small limited access sites, harsh environmental conditions - our experience has taught us to listen to our instincts, look beyond the existing canvas, see the potential, and implement the practical principles of landscaping design. We feel very lucky to have worked with many award-winning landscape designers. Their insight and creativity fuel our passion for landscaping. Because of them, we strive for excellence, continue to push boundaries and seek out new and innovative applications in landscaping design.
I love the creative freedom of landscaping design. My skills and experience allow me to drive the transformation of a basic residential garden into a high-end sanctuary!


Landscaping in New Zealand provides a constant reminder of how important our environment is. We promote a ‘clean green’ country, and I take my role in ensuring we live up to this reputation pretty seriously.



We’ve worked from the ground up.

Early careers spanning building, cabinetry, planting, garden maintenance and construction were the founding blocks of our unique set of skills – skills that we call on daily. Through experience, we earned positions of responsibility and later, leadership roles within the industry. Through leadership, we fine-tuned our instincts and honed our craft.

Friends since school, where our first shared passion was rugby, we felt compelled to combine our skills, and driven to bring something more to life.
Welcome to Folium

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Friendly and
Professional Service

Know How

Plant Knowledge

Exceptional Standards
Fantastic Results!

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