Oak Valley Rd: From Lifestyle Block to Lifestyle Garden

pool landscaping at rural property by Folium Landscaping Auckland

The Brief

To work from the design plan to transform a grassy lifestyle block into an accessible space, entertaining area and beautiful lifestyle garden.

The Process:

Our first task was to excavate the property to create four distinct levels. Working with the natural slope of the section, we built each tier in line with the site's contour, building each layer up rather than needing to dig down.

  • Level one: Accessway and planting
  • Level two: Lawn and patio area 
  • Level three: Pool and patio area with connecting pathway
  • Level four: An open lawn space 

Each level required the construction of brick and plaster and timber retaining walls. Under each wall, we installed Nova Coil drainage and a scoria base-layer; this system allows for optimum drainage. We directed drainage flow out to the hedge line, therefore reducing watering requirements.

Once established, we developed each level according to the design, creating patios, pathways and steps using Cloud Sandstone pavers and coping stones from Urban Paving. 

We installed Tiger Turf's Summer NV around the pool and patio areas for its hard-wearing and low maintenance qualities. 

On the fourth level, we prepared the area, originally a paddock, to install a Woolgro lawn by digging out the existing layer of grass and spraying to kill off any remnants of the original growth. In readiness for the lawn installation, we applied a layer of Dalton's Premium Lawn Soil; this sets an optimum base-layer for a new lawn to bed its roots down and 'take' well. 

New lawns by Folium Landscaping Auckland at old villa in North Shore
Paving and Yard work Folium Landscaping Auckland have done on an old villa in North Shore

The Result:

Our clients now have a usable, low maintenance garden easily accessible from many parts of the house. Cleverly designed pathways interconnect all four levels. Each level has a distinct purpose and textural profile and will provide many hours of enjoyment for the clients family and friends. 

Garden design by Naomi Gray from Sculpt Gardens

concept plan landscape in dairy flat auckland

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