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Outdoor living is an inherent part of life in New Zealand. We love our outdoor spaces. We can't live without them; our love for them inspires creative landscaping solutions. We’re a team of North Shore Landscapers who are passionate about delivering innovative gardens and working to the highest standards.

About Folium Landscaping

We've worked from the ground up. Early careers spanning building, cabinetry, planting, garden maintenance, and construction were the founding blocks of our unique set of skills - skills that we call on daily.

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Garden Paving

Paving is often the element that completes the textural profile of a garden. Stone, natural stone, concrete and brick paving, we understand how to work with and lay them all.


Create pathways, steps and steppers. Choose the finish and colour that complements your overall aesthetic.

Garden and Lawn Edging

Edging provides symmetry and breaks up different elements to enhance the final aesthetic; not to mention makes lawn mowing easier!

Retaining Walls

We understand that every build is unique; we apply the core principles of construction and promise quality - every time!

New Lawns

We understand what it takes to grow and maintain a great lawn. Getting it right from the outset is critical to achieving a healthy lawn.


We know plants; we can advise on what to plant when to plant, and how to take care of your garden after we're gone.

Espalier Wires

Texture, privacy and layering, create a feature wall of fragrant climbing plants such as Star Jasmine with this simple, yet effective solution.

Garden Boxes

Create raised sections for planting or Vege beds with our custom-made garden boxes.


We'll clear the canvas and make way for the exciting process of building your new outdoor space.

Garden Clear Outs

We’ll help you to regain control of an unruly garden or neglected section.

Fences and Gates

Our busy lives often leave us searching for sanctuary. For many, our gardens provide the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Fences provide privacy, while gates make your outdoor space accessible and add to the security of your property.


Decks are the ultimate addition. They offer indoor-outdoor flow, the perfect spot to entertain and in many cases, a deck can often feel like another room, especially in smaller, busier households!


We know how to inspect for the tell-tail signs of drainage issues on a site, if found, we can quickly implement a plan to correct them.


We work with some of Auckland's most reputable garden maintenance services. We can put you in touch with them if needed.

Landscaping Design

We have access to some of the country's most insightful and experienced landscape designers. Feel free to talk to us about who we recommend.

Garden Irrigation

We have a team of irrigation specialists. Irrigation provides a hassle-free solution for watering new lawns and plants.

Local North Shore Knowledge

Folium Landscaping is a professional North Shore Landscaping company.  Local knowledge powers our decision making and determines the advice we offer our clients, especially when it comes to managing the predominantly clay-based soil conditions found in most North Shore gardens. Both a blessing and a curse, clay-dominant soils ask that we consider both planting and irrigation options carefully. 


We’ve worked hard to develop our skills so that we can deliver fantastic results!


Landscaping is our passion
folium landscaping

Plant Knowledge | Construction Know-How | Landscape Design |
Soft and Hard Landscaping

Use professional contractors to get the best out of your landscape design.

The Folium Team have worked across Auckland, leaving behind them, a flourishing portfolio.

Landscaping is our passion.

The North Shore is our home.
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Landscape Design Should Reflect the Needs of Your Home

Our design team believe in creative design that results in easy and practical living. Drilling down into the details, they'll ensure that the outcome best represents the way a family intends to use their outdoor area.

Enhance Your Outdoor Area With an Inspired Garden

We love to bounce ideas around and challenge the boundaries. Through experience, we have learned to listen to our instincts, look beyond the exisiting canvas, see the potential and implement the practical principles of landscape design.



We Know Auckland Gardens

Our Landscapers Promise


Reliable and expert advice

backed by years of practical experience.


A proactive approach

our skill allows us to test and troubleshoot
what is possible.


A commitment to excellence

we know no other standard.


To respect your space

our place of work is your home; we value that.

scott from folium landscaping

“I love the creative freedom of landscaping design. My skills and experience allow me to drive the transformation of a basic residential garden into a high-end sanctuary!”

Scott Mackay – On the Tools Director, Folium Landscaping

An Auckland Landscaping Team
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Exceptional Standards
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jared (1)

“Landscaping in New Zealand provides a constant reminder of how important our environment is. We promote a ‘clean green’ country, and I take my role in ensuring we live up to this reputation pretty seriously.”

Jared Bellingham – On the Tools Director, Folium Landscaping