Folium’s Guide to Combating Water Shortages:

Folium’s Guide to Combating Water Shortages:

Gardens and lawns require regular and measured watering to thrive and survive. An irrigation system allows for even water distribution throughout your garden – perfect when trying to conserve water or if you’re worried about over-watering. Yet, an irrigation system demands a steady supply of water.

With water restrictions pegged to be an ongoing issue for many summers to come, we thought we’d share our top five tips so that you may instil some basic water-saving principles in your garden as a matter of habit.

Lawn Irrigation

Our Top Water-Saving Tips Include:

  • Applying mulch to your garden
  • Connecting a collection tank to your downpipes
  • Educating yourself about watering best practice
  • Using a granular watering agent on your lawn and garden beds
  • Learning about the watering needs of your plants

Jared Bellingham

Landscaping in New Zealand provides a constant reminder of how important our environment is. We promote a ‘'clean green’' country, and I take my role in ensuring we live up to this reputation pretty seriously.